BOLIX WM Universal Base Coat and Adhesive for embedding mesh and installation of mineral wool insulation pane

BOLIX WM is a base coat and adhesive formulated to embed glass fibre mesh in ETICS insulation systems and to bond mineral wool panels with horizontally-oriented fibres and lamellas with vertically-oriented fibres to typical mineral surfaces such as concrete, masonry walls, cement and lime-cement plasters, etc. It is also suitable for bonding MW lamella ceiling boards with bevelled edges on one surface in the BOLIX IZOSTROP system. It can also be used to level surface irregularities (up to 5 mm) and smooth out mineral substrates prior to paint coat and thin-coat render application.

  • good adhesion to mineral surface and mineral wool
  • easy to work and trowel,
  • for mineral wool and lamella panels

Ambient and surface temperature at application and curing:

from +5°C to +25°C

Relative humidity at application and drying:

up to 80%

Bulk density:

approx. 1.50 g/cm3



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