BOLIX SIL the silicone paint (organosilicone) provides decorative,
renovation and protective paint coats to masonry walls. It is ideal for
primary paint coating and recoating.
Suitable substrates:
– thin-coat renders (including ETICS based on polystyrene or mineral
– cement plasters or cement-lime,
– fibre cement sheets, etc.
– not rendered concrete masonry walls, bricks, ceramic or clay blocks,
– solid and firm paint coats well bonded and adhering firmly to the
above surfaces.


  • high resistance to: o weather conditions o UV radiation – contains UV absorbers
  • high: o hydrophobic properties – low wettability of paint coat o water vapour permeability o colour stability

Ambient and surface temperature at application and curing:
from +5°C to +25°C
Relative humidity at application and drying:
from 30 to 80%

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