BOLIX SI-SIT 1,5 KAis a hand applied silicone and silicate ready-mixed render, which provides a decorative and protective thin-coat render finish to exterior walls of new and existing buildings and indoors. Substrates for which the render is suitable: – external thermal insulation and composite systems (ETICS) with polystyrene and mineral wool – mineral substrates such as: concrete, cement or cement-lime renders.

  • increased resistance to: o algal and fungal growth o weather conditions o impact and thermal stress
  • low water absorption
  • extra flexible
  • high colour stability
  • wide colour range

Ambient and surface temperature at application and setting: from +5°C to +25°C Relative humidity at application and setting: up to 80% Density: approx. 1.91 kg/dm3

Technical Data Sheet BOLIX SI-SIT 2 KA

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