Bolix T is formulated to prime dusty, chalky, porous, absorbent and/or weak wall and floor surfaces indoors and outdoors prior to:
– laying ceramic or stone tiles,
– levelling the surface e.g. BOLIX W,
– installation of insulation materials in ETICS,

Categories ,

  • perfectly seals off and strengthens the primed surface,
  • improves adhesion of adhesive mortars to mineral substrates,
  • evens out the setting and drying process of adhesive coatings,
  • facilitates bonding and fixing of insulation material and ceramic or
    stone tiles,

Ambient and surface temperature at application and drying:
from +5°C to +25°C
Relative humidity at application and drying:
up to 80%
approx. 1.00 g/cm3
milky white, colourless after drying

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