BOLIX SIG is a render undercoat used for priming prior to the
application of the renders:
– silicone BOLIX SIT/BOLIX SIT complex
– silicone with water beading effect BOLIX SIT-P
– silicone-silicate BOLIX SI-SIT
to exterior walls of existing and new buildings as well as in interiors.
Substrates for which the undercoat is suitable:
– base coat in external thermal insulation and composite systems (ETICS)
with polystyrene and mineral wool,
– mineral substrates such as: concrete, cement or cement-lime renders


  • facilitates render application – contains quartz powder
  • seals off and strengthens the surface
  • suppresses dust formation, evens out the porosity of the surface
  • protects the primed surface against adverse effect of moisture
  • seals and blocks out stains in base coats and prevents from bleeding
    through to the top coats

Ambient and surface temperature at application and drying:
from +5°C to +25°C
Relative humidity at application and drying:
up to 80%
approx. 1.35 kg/dm3
Colour range:
white or from the colour chart BOLIX KOLOR SPEKTRUM 300+

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