BOLIX UZ is a base coat formulated to embed glass fibre mesh in ETICS insulation systems and to bond polystyrene insulation boards
to typical mineral surfaces (such as concrete, masonry walls, cement and lime-cement plasters, etc.) as well as to re-insulate walls or install
insulation over existing one.It is also used to level minor irregularities /up to 5 mm/ of mineral substrates and smooth out mineral substrates prior to paint and thincoat render application.

  • excellent adhesion to mineral surface and polystyrene,
  • water vapour permeable,
  • application at ambient and surface temperatures ≥ 0 0C,

Ambient and surface temperature at application and setting:
from 0°C to +25°C
After 8h from adhesive application, the temperature may fall to -5
Relative humidity at application and setting:
up to 80%
Bulk density:
approx. 1.55 g/cm3

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